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about zBuyer

zBuyer provides a valuable service that allows home sellers and home buyers to submit their information in real-time to a network of real estate professionals.

what zBuyer means to sellers

zBuyer helps homeowners either sell their home as fast as possible or get top dollar, depending on the situation.

what zBuyer means to home buyers

zBuyer provides unique access to bargain properties that is usually reserved for real estate investors.

what zBuyer means to real estate professionals

Real estate brokers & agents get access to home sellers and home buyers that are ready to make a move quickly.

Real estate investors get access to home sellers who are motivated to sell quickly at a discount.



zBuyer was established in 2003. Originally, our system was designed solely for real estate investors. We honed our skills at marketing to find motivated home sellers. As our skills improved, the lead volume began to flow. zBuyer can generate more than 50,000 motivated home sellers in a single month throughout the US.

Now zBuyer has opened its doors to virtually anyone (professional or not) interested in residential real estate. zBuyer continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In these economically challenging times, zBuyer provides a much needed affordable solution for real estate agents, real estate investors, home buyers and home sellers. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to attract home sellers across the nation and provide a service that simplifies the home selling process.


who we are

zBuyer is a family owned and operated real estate marketing and investment company. All of the active owners are REALTORS®.

Steven T. Edwards is the Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer. He helped pioneer the marketing techniques now available on He has personally used these techniques to buy and sell hundreds of single family properties all over the country during his vast 25+ years in the real estate business.

Lucas Edwards is the Co-founder & Chief Information Officer. He collaborated with Steven (his father) and used his technical expertise to design custom software for the real estate investment and marketing processes.

Aaron Edwards is an Owner & Chief Sales Officer. He joined the company to help improve the sales capabilities. He fulfills the vital role on the front-lines as zBuyer becomes an important business tool for more and more real estate professionals.

Jessica Nel (maiden name Edwards) is an Owner & Affiliate Manager. She focuses her efforts on finding, vetting, and improving the hundreds of different lead sources it takes to run zBuyer. She also assists in human resources and management using her 12+ years of experience as a REALTOR®.

Steven and Lucas collaborated to develop a series of systems that have evolved to become Soon after they started Aaron and Jessica came on board to form an excellent team of REALTORS® with a unique set of varied specialties that make zBuyer the well-oiled-machine that it is today.

Our highly trained zBuyer team is focused 100% on the real estate industry. Our team includes a collection of experienced business people, IT professionals, developers, sales people, customer service representatives, and support staff. We also have great affiliate relationships and are in continuous contact with many of the best known gurus in the real estate industry. We make it our business as well as our passion to know real estate!


what we do

  • We come in contact with thousands of home owners each day through our numerous internet and other national marketing campaigns.
  • We are skilled at marketing directly to motivated home sellers, buyers, real estate investors and Realtors.
  • We originate home seller and buyer information through our many direct marketing efforts. This proprietary information is then analyzed, aggregated and distributed directly to our zBuyer Network members (subscribers).
  • In a nutshell we connect motivated house buyers with motivated house sellers! We connect Realtors and real estate investors with motivated buyers and sellers.


what to expect

  • We do everything within our power to generate quality home buyer and seller leads to our zBuyer subscribers at an affordable price.
  • Don't expect a deal, sale or listing from every lead. You've heard it said many times (it's a numbers game). zBuyer's value becomes most apparent when you give it time to work for you. Give us time to prove our value! We are continually developing new marketing campaigns designed to get you valuable home buyer and seller information. Give us a try today! We will do everything within our power to provide you with an exceptional service.
  • We do your marketing for you! We may not be your only marketing tool but many of our subscribers consider us their #1 lead source. Just see our many testimonials!
  • Expect to profit from great deals (buying, selling or listing)!
  • The best customer service in the business. If you have a question or an issue with our service just call us. We will be happy to help you.
  • Don't expect perfection. We will be the first to admit we aren't perfect. As you well know regardless of the type of marketing you're doing, not every buyer or seller is as forth coming, honest or as well-informed as we might like. Our internal system is programmed to quickly detect fraud. As soon as our system alerts us we remove erroneous data from zBuyer.
  • Remember, we are in this together. We want you to be successful! We understand real estate, but more importantly we understand the need to earn your trust. Give us a try today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you get this information?

A: Our huge online presence allows us to come in contact with thousands of home owners on a daily basis. Many of these home owners are extremely motivated to sell their homes. These "Motivated Sellers" elect to fill out one of our "online seller forms" or contact our call center directly with specific information about the HOME they wish to sell quickly! We have used our 30 plus years of real estate investment experience to develop our advertising system that is second to none in its ability to attract "Motivated Home Sellers".

Q: Is this a foreclosure list?

A: No, this is very different.  Foreclosure lists just collect information from big banks about homes that are in foreclosure.  They usually don't even have contact information for the home seller.  We come in DIRECT CONTACT with the HOME SELLERS via our online forms or call center.

Q: Why should I trust your company?

A: We have been collecting home seller information since 2003.  We have spent that time building trusted, reliable relationships with our clients.  We are also accredited members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Q: What information do you have about these properties?

A: We collect valuable data such as the sellers motivation level, reason for selling and pricing information directly from the home seller.

Q: In what areas do you have bargain homes?

A: We have information which is updated minute by minute on over 1.4 million homes for sale, coast to coast throughout the United States.

Q: How many members are contacting each lead?

A: Access to the information we collect from the sellers (and buyers) is limited only to members of our network rather than being open to the general public. Our goal is to have up to 4 contacts per opportunity. Of course it's not a perfect system so the contact rate varies. The database is governed by an algorithm that is monitoring a click-to-call ratio. This algorithm paired with our statistical analysis of click-through and contact rates allows us to target 4 members per seller or buyer profile. When any one opportunity has too much activity, the primary phone number is removed.

Q: How do i sign up?

A: It's easy, just click here to join.