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  •  Sellers find out about us through Google, Yahoo, Email, & Banners
  •  Sellers give us their information online via our many websites
  •  1000 to 5000 sellers get in touch with us each day
  •  Based on our metrics only 4 members* are allowed per county to contact a seller
  •  On average, each of our sellers are contacted by only 1 person
  •  zBuyer sellers are highly motivated
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The Advantages

You will instantly get access to our database of past, present, and future leads. As soon as you sign up, you will be given access to motivated home sellers that are eager to sell their property quickly. You are given their contact info (phone included), name, address, and lots of details about the home they want to sell. These sellers are looking for a solution. They are waiting for your call.

  • Testimonials

  • "This is the best lead website that I have found. One lead I listed within 48 hours on the market we had four offers come in. We got one offer accepted closed 2 weeks later. Then, listed another property 2 days later, its been on the market just over a month, sale pending closing within 30 days!"

    - Anonymous (REALTOR®)

  • "I can't thank you enough for the high quality leads I have been receiving from your company. I have bought 12 properties in the past nine months from this lead source alone. There is nothing better than having a completely hands off lead generation resource for finding motivated sellers. I have dealt with a lot of companies in the past and I can tell you [this site] is the best when it comes to driving high quality internet leads to your inbox!"

    - Than Merrill (National Investor & Speaker)

  • "Last quarter I purchased 4 properties that came to me directly from your site. I sold each of these properties WHOLESALE and made a combined Profit of $118,000.00"

    - Stephen Wible (NE Investor)

  • "I was just starting out in Real Estate, and had never done a deal. I had a one property under contract that I was trying to wholesale and the very day it fell through, was the same day I used my first lead credit to find another deal that turned into a 4200.00 wholesale deal. The first lead I purchased turned into my first deal in real estate."

    - Doug Horch

  • "I cannot thank you enough for your leads. As a Realtor I have over $125,000 of business on the books and closed $80,000 so far this year (in just 5 months) with more on the way. This system is Hands Off. As an investor and an agent my whole business is based on finding Motivated Sellers. I used to Door Knock, Lick & Stick Envelopes, Cold Call, etc, Sounds Like Fun Right? With Property Leads Now I just sit back and wait for Motivated Sellers to fill out the online submission form and wait for it to hit my email account. They expect my call. I give them honest answers and they give me their business. If they want to sell at a discount-great, if they want more money I show them how I can get them Top Dollar as an Agent. As a business person the Return on my invested time, money, and energy is HUGE. Well worth it. I am so busy now I need to hire an assistant."

    - Mike Quail (EXIT Reliance Realty and Harmony Homes and Properties, LLC)

Agent Success:
Investor Success: Sacramento, CA
Bought for $85,000
Sold for $110,000
Sold the next day
Home in Houston, TX
Bought for $50,000
Sold for $75,000
Sold the next day
Hampton, VA
$25,000 Profit First seller our member had ever contacted!
Home in Rockwood, TN
Bought for $5000
Sold for $15,000
Sold in 6 weeks
Home in Northern, CA
Bought for $79,000
Sold for $189,000
Sold in 4 weeks
Prices up to 70% below market value mean profit potential that is unsurpassed. Steve Edwards CEO
*Our system counts the number of times each lead's contact information is clicked.
We target 4 unique contacts per lead using our click-to-call conversions and standard contact ratios.
The numbers may vary from lead to lead based on statistical variances.